Thai Bbq


The origin of Mu kratha (literally translated as "pork pork") lies in Korea, from where he spread to Thailand. Unlike the Korean version of the grill, the Thai uses coal instead of a gas stove. In Thailand and Malaysia there is a large number of all-you-can-eat "MooKata" restaurants that have integrated the grill into their business concept, as it is easy to prepare and allows a variety of dishes. For a long time, this Thai grill was not available in Europe. But now this is on to receive.

Preparation and ingredients:

The specially shaped and upwards arched grille is placed in the center of the dining table. Like the fondue, you can add a stock of different ingredients or even boiling water to the soup tureen. The meat is placed on the arched grilling surface, whereby the special shape of the grille makes the frying juice run into the broth. A special substructure of the grill allows heating by coal and simultaneous use as a table grill. Meanwhile, there is also a power operated